MS Office – We can give you a sure way to distinguish yourself from other job applicants in a company or industry! While there is no magic formula to gain the knowledge required to succeed, there is a way to put oneself forward in almost any position in any industry. You need to learn and master Microsoft office applications. Microsoft’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are the most widely used business productivity programs around the world. Moreover, your ability to work efficiently will move the business forward and make you an invaluable part of the team, a good colleague and a leader in the workplace. From project management to office coordination, having a better grip on Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint will also have a positive impact on your company.

Course Module

  • English Typing
  • Learning Word Program
  • Bengali Typing
  • Learning Excel Program
  • Learning PowerPoint Program
  • Email & Internet

Course Details

Course Duration
Weekly Classes
2 Months
3 Days
Total Classes
Total Hours
Class Duration
24 Classes
36 Hours
1.5 Hours

100% Course Guarantee

Special Problem-Solving Warranty up to the next 6 months from the date of admission subject to full payment!


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