Welcome for Laptop/Desktop Buy & Sales, Set-up & Servicing, Computer/Other Accessories Sales, Graphic Design (Poster, Leaflet, Visiting Card, Banner, Logo), Business/Corporate Website Design, Software/Apps Solutions, Print/Scan/Photocopy & Other Customer Services!

Laptop/Desktop Buy & Sales

In the long experience of almost 25 years of computer training, I have seen that despite being very talented due to the absence of .........
only one laptop/desktop computer, there is a great lack of confidence among many people during the training, but at that time I did not have any effective solution! Finally, with the special request and advice of dear trainees and well-wishers, from August 19, 2020, the GMICT Computer Training Institute has come up with new activities and facilities to buy/sell quality laptops and desktop computers at a low cost to ensure 100% successful training!

Laptop/Desktop Set-Up & Servicing

Set-up, installation and configuration services such as installing the operating system, productivity software, multimedia .........
software, drivers, security software, network, and internet installation are essential that need to be done in a modern and smooth way. In that case, we arrange to install the current window update to understand the needs of your PC. As well, we provide you with advanced security settings and completely innovative solutions. So, feel free to contact us for any kind of PC installation and PC set-up service – no matter what model you have!

Computer/Other Accessories Sales

The GMICT Computer Training Institute can be your 100% trusted and guaranteed destination! Our basic feature is that no fake or .........
none-brand accessories are ever sold here! Because, it's not just our business, it's much more than that, extra ordinary customer care service, where we never care about our organizational reputation and respect! Another important thing is that in addition to the computer accessories, you can easily find a number of similar and other mobile accessories. So don't worry anymore, come to GMICT safely!

Graphic Design (Poster, Visiting Card, Logo)

In the light of the highly successful experience, the GMICT Computer Training Institute designs all kinds of modern, attractive and .........
up-to-date leaflets, visiting cards, banners, logos, book covers, etc. for the need of online or digital marketing under its active services or for different individuals or organizations. In a word, GMICT welcomes you to any need related to Graphic Design! These services will be open to all trainees of the GMICT Computer Training Institute and to the public. So no longer is it a waste of time! Thank you for your response.

Business/Corporate Website Design

Do you want to create a business website for your company? In the age of online or digital marketing, it is very important to .........
have a modern, timely and versatile website to make one's own brand or business well-known and well-established among the people. Because, a quality website is able to make any brand or business both well-known and well-established! GMICT designs all kinds of interesting websites for different people or organizations! The organization also arranges the domain and hosting required for the website according to the customer's demand!

Print/Scan/Photocopy & Other Services

With the special request and advice of dear trainees and well-wishers, a number of new activities and facilities have been .........
added to the Active Services of GMICT Computer Training Institute. For example, Print/Scan/Photocopy, Photo to Photo Print, Online Applications, Digital Marketing Support & Other Customer Services. These services will be open to all trainees of the GMICT Computer Training Institute and to the public. The GMICT welcomes you to all these needs! Thank you very much for your quick response without wasting time!